ConfMeter is a proprietary tool developed by NEXO QA, the company responsible for organizing the International Conference on Software Testing expo:QA.

As a congress organizer, we regularly faced several important challenges:

  • We wanted to get feedback from our delegates about every presentation given at the conference. However, only a few delegates ever filled out the questionnaire we distributed by hand. We then tried online surveys, but we could only offer them days after the conference when delegates' attention had already faded and turned towards other matters. Again we received very few responses.
  • We also wanted to be able to give a Public Award to the best presenter during the conference’s closing event instead of announcing it by email a few days later. To achieve this, however, we needed an army of students to scan the forms filled out by delegates. This could only be done after the last speech, resulting in a 30-minute lag before we had the final tallied results. Most of the delegates had already left the venue by then.
  • We also wanted to retain the audience until the last talk. Delegates tend to leave before the last event in professional congresses. We thus decided to organize a drawing among participants who had given us feedback. The prize was a free iPad. Unfortunately, we had to rely on paper forms again.

And that’s how we devised ConfMeter… Originally developed to meet our own needs, we called it “Vote and Win”. However, many other conference organizers soon asked us to use ConfMeter at their own events. We have adapted it, and now it’s available to everyone. We hope you enjoy and make the most of it at your event!

ConfMeter® is a registered NEXO QA trademark.